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Our Story

Our story initiated when our founders observed that technology had become an integral part of our life. Be it government or private, fashion, or hospitality – technology seems to rule all the sectors, and many small and medium businesses aim to empower themselves through technology.

These observations led to the notion of empowering the retail sector, as not many small and medium businesses are using technology to boost their business. A small shop owner wouldn’t look at the technology for selling the products as it would be a big task for him. Apart from that, the cost worries him, too, as creating a website or an app does cost money when it comes to a retail business.

To solve this issue, our founders thought of building a platform that will help all these retailers and even create opportunities for people who are less fortunate and can do delivery work. This will not only empower the people but will also provide them a better living along with learning opportunities.

The digitally savvy customers today buy groceries, vegetables, stationery, and fashion online, which is the base for the notion of Digital Kranti.

Ideas were thought through, and all the possibilities of it were evaluated along with thorough research in terms of market and people involved. Discussions with the retailers yielded an optimistic response, and our idea is not backed up by proof and validation, which is why we are really enthusiastic about this project.

We are working on building a great business idea, and it is ready to launch. We are sure that Digital Kranti will open the doors for Indian retailers and will serve the objective of growing businesses backed with the power of technology today.