Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery Policy

for Digital Kranti India Private Limited

1. Overview:

Digital Kranti India Private Limited (“the Company”) primarily provides digital services such as website development, software development, app development, and digital marketing. As such, the concept of traditional shipping does not apply. The following policy outlines the digital delivery aspects applicable to the services offered by the Company.

2. Service Delivery:

2.1. Project Initiation:
Upon receipt of a signed agreement and the necessary initial payment, the project will commence as per the agreed-upon timelines outlined in the project proposal.

2.2. Digital Delivery:
All services provided by the Company are delivered digitally. Deliverables, including website files, software, apps, and digital marketing assets, will be transferred electronically to the client.

3. Project Timelines:

3.1. Timelines Defined in Proposal:
The project proposal and agreement will define the scope of work, timelines, and milestones. Timelines are estimates and may be subject to change based on project complexity and client responsiveness.

3.2. Client Collaboration:
Timely collaboration and feedback from the client are crucial for project progress. Delays in client feedback may impact project timelines.

4. Revisions and Approval:

4.1. Revision Process:
Clients are entitled to a defined number of revisions as outlined in the project scope. Additional revisions may be subject to extra charges.

4.2. Client Approval:
Clients are given a reasonable period to review and request revisions. Upon completion, clients are expected to provide feedback, and the project is considered accepted if no feedback is received within the stipulated period.

5. Communication:

5.1. Communication Channels:
Communication regarding project progress, milestones, and digital delivery will be conducted through official channels, including email and project management tools.

6. Digital Marketing Services:

6.1. Campaign Activation:
For digital marketing services, campaigns will be activated as per the agreed-upon schedule. The client will receive regular reports on campaign performance.

6.2. Data and Analytics:
Digital marketing reports, analytics, and data will be shared digitally with the client for performance evaluation.

7. Client Responsibilities:

7.1. Client Cooperation:
Clients are responsible for providing necessary information, approvals, and feedback in a timely manner to ensure the smooth progression of the project.

7.2. Content Submission:
Clients should submit any required content or materials promptly to avoid delays in project completion.

8. Force Majeure:

8.1. Impact of Force Majeure:
In the event of force majeure or circumstances beyond the Company’s control that may impact project timelines, the Company will make reasonable efforts to communicate any delays to the client.

9. Contact Information:

9.1. Communication Regarding Delivery:
All communication regarding project delivery, timelines, and updates should be directed to the official email address or contact details provided by Digital Kranti India Private Limited.

By engaging with Digital Kranti India Private Limited, you acknowledge and agree to abide by this Shipping and Delivery Policy. The company reserves the right to update or modify this policy at any time. It is the responsibility of clients to review the policy periodically.

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